Hyperion 762 and Hyperion 762 okay Signature Suppressors

Hyperion 762 and Hyperion 762 okay Signature Suppressors

All CGS rifle silencers are in response to what we call “Hyperion VCD know-how”. Hyperion Tech is a signature suppression device developed internally by CGS community LLC designed to tackle distinct issues that have plagued rifle silencers in quite a few techniques for the past one hundred thirty years. The patented and patent pending facets integrated into CGS rifle silencers employing Hyperion know-how are the present state of the artwork for signature suppressors and there is nothing on the horizon a good way to surpass it any time soon.


1) The absolute best supersonic sound suppression available with the aid of a significant margin, all whereas not sacrificing subsonic sound suppression or blowback discount. before you stop reading, that isn’t advertising talk, it’s a verifiable fact (see PewScience word below).

2) feature altering entrance Caps fully trade the function of the silencer as favored by using the end consumer. The conclusion consumer can make the CGS Hyperion a “typical” category silencer by using the strong front Cap (included) which is most excellent for some thing like a bolt gun or most semi auto and choose hearth hosts, or the conclusion consumer can make the CGS Hyperion a “flow pass” type silencer effortlessly by doing away with the current entrance cap with a 7/8” wrench and replacing it with the Vented front Cap (bought one after the other). The Vented entrance Cap allows excess fuel in the suppressor to vent to atmosphere without extra influencing the host weapon device and additional preventing toxic gasses from being blown returned at the shooter. sooner or later, distinctive entrance caps should be made accessible corresponding to these with longer important flash hider to enrich flash removing, and people with varying vent dimension and amount, and people with flash hiding facets for every peripheral vent. whereas “circulation bypass” type silencers are nothing new, having been round considering the fact that 1909 and in their present kind when you consider that 1927, the convertible and adjustable function thought in CGS rifle silencers definitely takes suppressor capability to the next stage and changed into by no means attempted or perfected until now. it is the better of both worlds in one standard package.

3) No first circular pop.

4) Additive Manufactured (3D Printed) Core with a proprietary internal Hexagonal Boron Nitride coating to evade the buildup of fouling an and exterior black DLC coating. AM makes it possible for for the elimination of failure points comparable to welds or machining error and is better than that billet fabric that silencer parts are commonly machined out of, and allows for incredible concentricity during the suppressor.

5) CGS rifle silencers manufactured via AM use a proprietary heat treatment system which vastly improves strength of the silencer core compared to the common warmth medication used via other manufacturers.

6) All 7.62mm CGS rifle silencers come by default with a 5/8×24 direct thread mount appropriate with the SIG Sauer 25 deg taper barrel shoulder. Barrels with ninety deg shoulders should have a minimum diameter of .735” on the shoulder, despite the fact barrels beneath .735” diameter on the shoulder can use the CGS Hyperion Thread Adapter (offered one by one) on the way to turn a ninety deg barrel shoulder right into a 25 deg barrel shoulder and is appropriate with all barrel diameters. This offers the consumer the retention advantage of the taper shoulder and will also allow the use of thin barrels utilizing muzzle shoulders such as the FN SCAR 17. The Hyperion Thread Adapter is also provided in 1/2×28.

Hyperion 762:

introduced length: eight.9”

length: 9.5”

WIDTH: 1.75”

WEIGHT: 15.1oz

material: Grade 5 Titanium (6Al4V) – AM Core/Billet entrance Cap

Hyperion 762 k:

introduced size: 5.7”

size: 6.3”

WIDTH: 1.75”

WEIGHT: 10.5oz

material: Grade 5 Titanium (6Al4V) – AM Core/Billet front Cap

in short, the CGS Hyperion collection and its CGS derivatives are the bleeding edge of signature suppression, no longer only for his or her impressive sound discount means however additionally for his or her advantageous, unique, characteristic wealthy design that solves many complications, all integrated into one primary, potent, lightweight, quiet equipment.

CGS community LLC was headquartered in August of 2014 with the intent to design and produce the gold standard products available for his or her meant applications. essentially commonplace for silencers, CGS community LLC additionally designed and produces the PANDORA Firing equipment – a dual, unbiased channel, double action, striker fired, modular. mechanical initiator allowing for very safe, one-exceeded manipulation for explosive breaching and different explosive related actions.