establishment Elites, MSM think Parler Is A “threat To Democracy” because Libertarians, Conservatives Get To Freely submit

establishment Elites, MSM think Parler Is A “threat To Democracy” because Libertarians, Conservatives Get To Freely submit

Authored with the aid of Daisy Luther by way of The biological Prepper blog,

After years of being censored on facebook and Twitter, conservatives, libertarians, and different fanatics of free speech are making a mass exodus to new platforms. one that has actually taken off due to the fact the election is Parler, which has been probably the most downloaded app in the country over the last two weeks.

Unsurprisingly, the mainstream media and left-wing extremists are outraged. How dare the people who had been censored, deplatformed, and shut down on their social media sites stream to a site that promises no longer to treat them like pariahs? (incidentally, that you may locate me on Parler right here: @daisyluther ) They go as far as to assert it’s a “threat to democracy” as a result of libertarians and conservatives get to submit.

I suggest, significantly, we can’t be letting conservatives and libertarians submit their opinions all willy-nilly, correct? what’s going to turn up without the “truth-checkers?”

Why on earth WOULDN’T people go to a different network?

in my opinion, I haven’t had access to my own facebook pages for greater than a yr and received’t until I ship them photos of my passport, a utility invoice, and different making a choice on advice – as a result of they didn’t think my driver’s license became sufficient. As smartly, I voluntarily archived my thriving preparedness agencies because of the probability of dropping each my groups, my own personal account, and the debts of all my moderators if we let through a publish of which fb disapproved. I wrote more about it here.

And be aware when Twitter shut down Zero Hedge’s account for posting whatever concerning the coronavirus they deemed as misinformation that was later proven to be proper? and the way they put warnings on almost anything else the President posts? and the way conservative and libertarian sites are being demonetized?

I invite you to are trying posting anything else on normal social media that questions vaccines, the influence of the election, the COVID lockdowns, or is seasoned-gun. I’ll see you in fb reformatory.

each person who’s leaving is a loopy racist.

to hear the MSM discuss it, all and sundry over there has a “bunker mentality”, they’re joyously undertaking racism and hate speech, and that they just want an echo chamber. It’s “now not respectable for the country,” based on commentators on CNN.

“There’s this new social media app known as Parler getting lots of attention, as a result of conservatives are leaving, asserting they’re leaving Twitter and fb, going of to Parler, as a result of they consider Parler is a safer space for them. What we’re seeing is even more of a bunker mentality in right-wing media. And finally that’s not respectable for the country.”

“No it’s now not respectable, it’s a possibility to democracy,” Pamela Brown answered, “that these individuals are in echo chambers and they’re getting fed a weight loss program of lies pretty much.” (supply)

incidentally, sweeping generalizations aside, there are lots of folks over there (like me) who are not politically conservative.

CNN is not on my own in their hysteria about the social media outlet. Billionaire invoice Gates isn’t a fan:

“If somebody goes to Parler, they are asserting, ‘i love crazy stuff’,” Gates talked about Tuesday at the ny times DealBook Summit.

“if you desire Holocaust denial, hi there, Parler goes to be extraordinary for you,” Gates spoke of.

And, here’s what the mainstream media is announcing about Parler and the individuals using it. sure, the irony over their outrage is palpable. And yes, it does seem like they’re attempting to further divide the country. make certain to like the video and subscribe to the channel – it’s an outstanding display with well timed discipline depend. (Warning: Some harsh language)

things to be aware about social media

for those who want free speech that isn’t left-leaning, Parler basically seems like a far better option than the huge Tech monoliths. besides the fact that children, there are a couple of things to remember.

  • in case you get to make use of whatever at no cost, you are the product. both your eyeballs on advertisements or your tips will make Parler cash considered one of at the present time. And it’s comprehensible – the price of working a platform like it truly is tremendous.
  • while the rules can be favorable towards your place at this time, it doesn’t mean they all the time might be. fb didn’t delivery out censoring the snot out of each person who didn’t agree with Mark Zuckerberg. The guidelines will evolve.
  • Don’t share too tons very own information. i do know you guys are privy to this, but I simply need to remind you not to share the variety of very own suggestions that would allow people to discover where you live, when you’ll be on holiday, and so forth. Nothing online is that protected.
  • Don’t develop into too elegant on one outlet. even if you’re a blogger like me or somebody who simply desires to join with like-minded americans, don’t overlook that you’re the use of their platform. They make the suggestions and they can make a decision whether that you may reside or go, whether that you would be able to submit certain issues, or whether or not they want to alternate path. It’s similar to building a apartment on borrowed land. It might be fine land, but it’s now not yours.

With these caveats in mind, I’ll see you over there if you are a social media grownup.

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