twiddling with the Colt Accurize Rifle CR6724 over the weekend

twiddling with the Colt Accurize Rifle CR6724 over the weekend

I don’t have a great deal of some extent with this publish. i used to be out trying some hundreds I ran throughout in an historic problem of Precision taking pictures. author Jerry Stordahl has/had a Colt Accurized Rifle and listed a few of his masses within the article. He used Winchester 748 and some 60gr. V-MAX bullets to shoot some tiny organizations. didn’t work in my gun. I performed with the charge up and down and changed to nosler ballsitic tips and couldn’t replicate his success at all.

if you’re a hand loader you’re going to comprehend that from time to time this may rattle your confidence a little when things that should work, don’t work. So I busted out my very own plenty of sixty nine grains Sierra HPBTs with 26.5 grains of Varget and shot a 20 round group at one hundred fifty yards just to reaffirm that everything remains correct in my own universe.

I haven’t any thought why the picture is so large

you are going to observe within the picture above i’m the usage of the little adapter that Howard made a couple years ago. It permits you to assault a flat block to a picatinny rail to shoot off the bags less difficult. I have no concept how I ever lived with out this factor.

The different component Is the reduce doesn’t have the usual Magpul PRS stock on it. That’s because I swapped lowers with my MK12. I did this as a result of i wanted to shoot the burden work u.s.a.with the SSA trigger I even have in my MK12. The Colt set off within the gun is a great set off but it surely’s just no longer SSA decent in case you are attempting to shoot the smallest corporations possible.

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