Alabama man injured after gun explodes in freak accident at range

Megan Harman says her dad, Chris, became with family unit on the Firing Pin in Opelika when the gun he changed into shooting exploded in his face in a freak accident.

“He’s on his way to Birmingham now for them to are trying and keep his left eye,” referred to Harman.

The accident happened just after Harman’s mom shot her Taurus 380. She had loaded the clip and fired six rounds when the ultimate one jammed. She eliminated the clip and acquired the bullet out. Harman says her dad shot the gun next. The family recalls Chris loaded the clip and had fired thrice when the gun exploded, and Chris went down.

Chris is on his way from the health center by means of ambulance for surgical procedure at a Birmingham eye clinic. He has blow out fractures in his left orbit, and the family unit is praying doctors can store his eye. The family unit is scared but very thankful Chris became wearing safety glasses when the explosion or the accidents could have been a great deal greater severe.