latitude file

latitude file

Went plinking nowadays.

I have been engaged on 3D printing 40mm projectiles. i wished to verify a 3D printed pusher, and somebody asked me to are attempting zinc stearate as a substitute for coloured chalk grime. I took a video, I’ll have that posted up another time. I’ll speak in regards to the results then.

My a hundred% infil pusher fired simply first-class, however didn’t spoil on influence. could had been the attitude of impact, or the projectile may simply be mild adequate that it’s less prone to ruin. here is the recovered projectile subsequent to a common pusher.

This printed projectile had a narrower diameter to slot in a printed case, so I used a bit blue painters tape to make it a comfortable fit in the common situations. it really is what’s all torn up on the base.

It suggests some harm from being fired, however now not a lot.

I had my KAC/Larue bastard SR25 out. whereas I definitely just like the Nightforce ACTAR 1-8X, that 1 MOAish center dot makes it tougher for taking pictures groups. After tweaking the zero a bit of, I eventually determined i was going to use the exact fringe of the reticle for my 100 yard zero.

The middle dot is .35 mils, which makes it about 1.2 inches in diameter at 100 yards. I firstly changed into making an attempt to shoot at three/4 inch dots, and attempting to middle on a dot i used to be absolutely protecting was a little bit challenging for me.

the usage of the precise fringe of the dot will let me see what i’m shooting at once I shoot at a hundred yards, and will make the tip of the publish my 200 yard aspect of aim.

I fired a number of rounds from the B&T APC9k, then headed out. Didn’t stay too long, because it became kinda cold out.