no longer pushing the purple button, tonight.

no longer pushing the purple button, tonight.

Ugh. . .

I hate doing tech guide.

specially as a result of I don’t be aware of what I’m doing it’s it a cycle of do an online look for a solution, do what the answer says to do, see if it worked. If it didn’t, repeat.

in case you visited this web site in the past couple of days, you probably realized it changed into all screwed up. whatever broke behind the scenes and was using up the servers CPU cycles and operating too many tactics. I nonetheless don’t recognize what it become, however i may have narrowed it down. (and Weaponsman), runs on a framework called WordPress. I’ve heard nearly all of the sites on the cyber web now use WordPress. WordPress offers the framework. then you definitely have a theme which dictates the appear and layout of the web page. These here is modifiable, to a confined extent. then you definately add plug-ins, widgets, etc to get the a considerable number of features you desire.

WordPress usually works pretty first rate.

Our first publish changed into in 2012, due to the fact that then, we’ve run at least 3 issues, and who knows how many a whole lot of diverse plug-ins and widgets. Who is aware of how an awful lot muddle is left at the back of?

right through our length of server overload, things obtained so unhealthy i was about to wipe the web site and do a clean set up. We do have backups. I’ll make one just a few times a 12 months, when I be aware, of the handfuls of gigs of content we’ve. happily issues seem to be working now, (but I have a lot of returned conclusion stuff shut off) that i’m not going to do this. We truly should still reimport all our content material right into a fresh WordPress deploy someday, however I definitely don’t need to must try this.

About every different week or so I we get an e-mail from a person providing their paid services to remodel the website. extra these days, I’ve been responding to those kind offers with an announcement and query. up to now, none of these web-devs have bothered to respond to my response.

I’m exhausted. Let’s hope the web page continues to be working day after today.