Rita Camilleri and Jessica

Rita and Jessica Camilleri

You call that a knoive?

An Australian woman time and again stabbed and beheaded her mom — who paid pretty much $2,000 for an exorcism to conquer the “demon” from her “Texas Chainsaw bloodbath”-obsessed daughter, prosecutors observed Tuesday.

Yea. it’s a further a kind of experiences.

“The accused mentioned she wanted to give the deceased a taste of her own drugs,” Crown Prosecutor Tony McCarthy instructed jurors, news.com.au stated. appears a little overboard to me.

Rita, fifty seven, became quoted greater than $3,600 by way of a “she wolf” medium to “get the demon out of” Jessica, 27 — however to no avail. I wager it’s likely too late to situation a refund.

“She paid [$1,837] however by no means got any service, I consider she changed into determined for anything to help,” a family unit buddy testified.

The massacre took place late at nighttime on July 20, 2019, at Jessica and Rita’s home in St. Clair, a suburb of Sydney.

Jessica used multiple knives to butcher her mom — with some even breaking off — earlier than decapitating her and working outdoor together with her head, which turned into present in front of a neighbor’s domestic.Crikey!

The mom’s severed body parts were discovered in the kitchen — including the tip of her nose, McCarthy referred to.

“I kept stabbing and stabbing and stabbing her,” Jessica pointed out at the time, in accordance with the prosecutor. “I took off her head.”

law enforcement officials found Jessica outside, clutching a water bottle and covered in blood.

“She immediately advised them she had killed her mother and mentioned the top that turned into on the footpath,” McCarthy noted.Very advantageous.

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