It may be instructive to look who gets it

I should add this:

while we (my fellow western engineers and i) had been within the Akihabara District (which is like a massive consumer electronics bazaar, both out within the streets and inside the buildings – imagine a spot the place you can buy every little thing from SMT resistors and IC’s in bulk, to the latest “sensible” lavatory that may take all your vitals whilst you’re sitting on it), and it’s crammed with jap nerds and nerdettes.

while we have been there, a couple youngsters (possibly 13) go driving by means of on bicycles with what gave the look of M-sixteen’s, comprehensive with 20 round mags, slung over their shoulders. The japanese people there thought nothing of this at all. We North American engineers (yours in reality, the Uber-gun-nerd among them all) whipped our heads around, gazing these two boys, with these rifles on their shoulders, journey via a crowd that didn’t bat a watch.

No orange/pink plug in the muzzle, no nothing. They seemed like A2 M-16’s at a look – measurement, facets, every thing seemed like a real A2.

A jap engineer who knew English noticed our amazement and without delay pointed out “No real. Air-gentle.”