WHEN guns ARE OUTLAWED most effective OUTLAWS can have…uhm.. simply read it your self.

WHEN guns ARE OUTLAWED most effective OUTLAWS can have…uhm.. simply read it your self.

guests on the Brussels ‘daddy orgy’ where an anti-LGBT politician was caught breaking lockdown guidelines notion the police who arrived to spoil up the birthday party were part of the romp, the organizer claims.

David Manzheley observed one of the 30 male guests had ‘tried to unzip the pants of the policemen because they idea that the raid became a part of the orgy’ after the adventure at his Brussels condominium turned into shut down final Friday.  

Manzheley’s visitors covered Hungarian MEP Jozsef Szajer, a married conservative baby-kisser who has supported anti-LGBT measures and who allegedly tried to get away through a window when police arrived.


while the orgies are normally completely felony, police closed down Friday’s celebration because it changed into breaking lockdown guidelines, following what Manzheley suspected become a tip-off by way of a rival intercourse party organiser in Brussels.

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Belgian police detained about 20 individuals on the condo party. Prosecutors did not identify any one, however referred to a man with initials SJ and born in 1961 had tried to flee the venue along a gutter. lol

Authorities pointed out he become discovered with narcotics in his backpack, however Szajer denied taking medicine and said he had provided to take a medicine check on the scene but police didn’t raise one out. ” I don’t take them ma, I introduced them for every person else to relish”. it’s the giving season after all.

‘The police observed they had discovered ecstasy capsules. They were no longer mine, i do know nothing of who put them there and how. I advised that to police,’ he talked about in a press release. “who’s pants are these!?” I’m sure there turned into lots of no longer knowing who put anything some the place happening there.

Szajer became not carrying any identification, so police adopted him returned to his house the place he showed his diplomatic passport and claimed immunity. The ruling category are all of the same aren’t they.

Two others at the birthday party also claimed immunity, one with the initials DO who became born in 1977 and the other with initials PB, born in 1987, police observed. They did not supply any longer details.          

Manzheley did not be aware of everybody there however recognized Szajer subsequently, he mentioned. guests at his events would undress on arrival, a few of them donning fetish apparatus, he pointed out.

When the media gives you too an awful lot info.


‘we now have Christmas coming. individuals are thirsty for conferences… it’s absolutely commonplace that guys within the gay neighborhood are going to be searching for options to fulfill,’ he spoke of.

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‘We don’t sit down around ingesting tea. individuals are right here for intercourse,’ Manzheley talked about. Very cosmopolitan.


‘all of sudden my whole front room became filled with law enforcement officials,’ he advised the Het Laatste Nieuws newspaper in a separate interview.

‘They automatically begun shouting: ‘id card! Now!’ but we weren’t even wearing pants, how in God’s name may we immediately conjure up our id card?’

How in God’s identify certainly.

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