Germany 1945: Restored movie photos by means of George Stevens

usual color film recordings of the U.S. military exhibit quite a few cities and locations in Germany after the hand over in 1945. The images have been taken under the command of George Stevens, a Hollywood director who later grew to be noted for movies like “a place in the sun” and “The Diary of Anne Frank”.

0:10 Berlin, July 1945
0:33 Brandenburger Tor
2:forty Cologne, March 1945
four:09 Elbe Day: First meeting of Soviet and American troops on German soil, April 25, 1945
5:fifty one Berlin, photo of Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill, July 1945
6:55 Munich, may 1945
7:34 Hofbräuhaus Munich
eight:fifty two “Berghof”, Obersalzberg, April 1945
9:09 German prisoners of warfare, can also 1945
10:33 Mittelbau Dora concentration camp, April 1945
11:13 Hanseatic city of Hamburg, June 1945
12:17 Port of Hamburg
13:11 Refugees on a way to Berlin, July 1945
13:41 American beach club, Berlin
14:18 Potsdam conference, August 1945
sixteen:20 George Stevens (1904-1975)