FPC – Oppose the ATFs try and Reclassify Pistol Braces and NFA gadgets

in accordance with ATF officers, attacking pistol brace ownership is now at the appropriate of their to-do checklist for 2021.

As you recognize, the incoming Biden Administration these days met with the ATF’s senior management to discuss confiscation recommendations.

however now the cat’s out of the bag: The ATF plans to field pistol braces to the NFA, probably turning YOU right into a federal felon!

We’ve got to behave straight away to place a cease to this treasonous plan, ******. but we need your voice these days with a view to give protection to gun house owners.

bill/concern: ATF’s try to Reclassify Pistol Braces as NFA items

place: opposed

Over the closing a couple of years the ATF has attempted to adjust entry to commonly owned firearms add-ons, succeeding with the removing of bump shares in 2018 under the Trump Administration. Now that Joe Biden is headed to the White apartment, the company is making an attempt to avoid Congress yet once again, this time targeting pistol braces. in fact, Biden’s group has already met with ATF management, who spoke of that pistol braces are on the good of their to-do checklist. A correct surrendered is a right lost always, and on account that its inception, the ATF’s actions show that it is a rogue company bent on depriving the americans of the skill to meaningfully undertaking their appropriate to preserve and endure arms.

Don’t simply stand with the aid of, help us battle again. 

ship a letter to President Trump and your lawmakers to demand that they #StopTheATF. 

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