WHEN guns ARE OUTLAWED most effective OUTLAWS might be “cell CHARGERS”

WHEN guns ARE OUTLAWED most effective OUTLAWS might be “cell CHARGERS”

This “charging station” accident appears to be a typical factor with the women I’ve observed.

Olesya Semenova, 24, became found by means of her flatmate at their domestic in Russian city Arkhangelsk. CYKA BLYAT!

A selfie video from a year ago shows her in the bath
A selfie video from a 12 months ago shows her within the bathCredit: East2west information

11Olesya Semenova became electrocuted while “charging her mobile” within the bathtub

“I screamed, shook her, but she became light, didn’t breathe and showed no indications of existence,” the distraught friend named Daria, an property agent, advised the emergency operator.

“i used to be basically scared. 

“when I touched her, I got an electrical shock. 

“There changed into a smartphone within the water, it became charging.”

“sensible telephone” Is that what they call those now?

Paramedics validated that Olesya – who worked in a clothes shop – had died within the bath and that her iPhone eight had fallen into the water when plugged into the mains. 

A selfie video from a year in the past shows her in her tub.

The Russian emergencies ministry issued a warning after the tragedy, the latest of a couple of such fatalities within the nation. 

“The tragedy once once more reminds us that water and an electrical equipment related to the mains are incompatible. 

“The identical applies to any cell machine. ( or other battery operated instruments)in case you drown a smartphone, the worst element is its failure. 

“however when it’s related to the network, we see what the consequences are.”


This reminds me of a narrative. decades ago I labored at a tremendous save that was a gun shop, bow store, pawn store and about everything else store. some of the issues it also sold in a non-public facet room became smut and intercourse toys. at some point I answered a name from a girl who had purchased a vibrator and desired to come it and get her cash lower back as a result of when she tried to use it within the hot tun it “burned my( her) mouth.” I produce other sordid stories of the “smut room” as we known as it however most likely thats not healthy for public consumption.