pink Flag Orders faraway from defense invoice

pink Flag Orders faraway from defense invoice

while Nancy Pelosi turned into busy forcing Congress to vote on “Tiger King” legislation, banning the possession of big cats, and legalizing marijuana nationwide, Gun owners of the usa became busy effectively dealing the closing blow to gun manage.

returned in July, GOA alerted Congress when we found out so-known as “purple Flag” Gun Confiscation Orders (GCOs) buried deep in H.R. 6395, the 2021 national defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

The gun confiscation language lay buried on web page 343 of 1427 of the NDAA.

nowadays, GOA is completely happy to announce that this passage has been removed from the bill and that, as a minimum for the time being, there can be no federal “crimson Flag” GCOs for those area to the Uniform Code of militia Justice (UCMJ).

however you didn’t hear this on the information.

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