3D printing a ten/22 take down hand defend

3D printing a ten/22 take down hand defend

in the past I stated how I acquired a 10/22 take down.
link here.

i wished whatever thing like a tri-rail handguard for it, but I didn’t consider like spending the cash for one and the few aftermarket handguards I saw on-line didn’t basically swimsuit my fancy.

yesterday, I aroused from sleep pondering a few M-LOK handguard for the 10/22. I took the manufacturing unit handguard off and realized making a replacement handguard would be relatively effortless. There is just an oblong block under the barrel.

So I took off the manufacturing facility handguard, grabbed my low priced beater pair of calipers, and spend about 10 minutes in CAD application. I drew up a fast and crude proof of idea. I exported the design as a STL file, imported that into Prusa slicer, and outputting some code for my 3D printer. About 3 and a half hours later, and about $2 of plastic, I had my proof of concept handguard made.

while it labored, it turned into lacking in a couple of areas. I left off any fillets for quick design. whereas the 3D printer doesn’t definitely make sharp corners, sharp corners aren’t decent for a design. The areas the place the M-LOK lock in where too thick. I additionally figured having the handguard come up excessive of the barrel become not that decent searching.

The greatest issue became I forgot to provide a clearance for the take down latch. With the proof of idea handguard I need to use a tool to take the gun down.

earlier than I went to bed I hopped back into the CAD utility and made some changes. I lengthened the handguard and brought just a few extra slots. I adjusted one of the most dimensions and brought some radiuses. most importantly, I put in clearance for the take down latch.

I begun the print before I went to bed. I work up with a new handguard threw it on the printer. $three value of plastic, and 4 something hours of print time.

tough draft is the name of the setting I used. 20% infil ability that about 80% of the interior of this handguard is simply hollow. Making this rather light weight. There is some flex in the handguard, so I wouldn’t wish to have confidence mounting a sight for serious use, but i am very chuffed with it.

it is first rate ample for now.