3D Printed VZ61 Scorpion receiver

3D Printed VZ61 Scorpion receiver

once I all started pondering this project, I had meant to introduce the gun with a cool video of me shooting it.

but I don’t have any 32 ACP ammo, and i don’t see any on the shelfs of the locals shops, so we will settle for a static picture.

For a long time i assumed of the this little Scorpion gun as simply one more piece of commie trash. I believe I could have handled one as soon as, however on no account definitely had any trigger time with them.

when I saw the first printed VZ61 receivers, I figured I’d decide upon up a cheap materials package and try building one.

in the end, I found three diverse version of 3d printable receivers. FreeMenDontAsk made two models of a 3d printable lower. One used the standard fire handle neighborhood, minus some parts, and the different used an AR15 fireplace manage community. IvanTheTroll launched a modified edition of the FMDA’s AR15 trigger decrease that is reinforced within the areas that he found would fail under use.

I determined i’d print the decrease that used broadly speaking normal elements.

I ordered a constituents equipment from Gunbroker. it would have shown up last month, nonetheless it acquired misplaced within the mail.

The vendor became first rate, they shipped me a replacement kit.

Which additionally acquired misplaced in the mail.

Then the first package confirmed up. second package continues to be lost. I advised the vendor if it suggests up I’ll purchase that equipment too.

The VZ trigger is plenty nicer than I expected. I’m quite impressed by way of build satisfactory.

Printing the decrease took about 16ish hours. whereas getting all of the little bits of guide material out of the entire little crevasses and areas of the receiver become time drinking, it wasn’t overly hard.

These printed lowers require the numerous holes to be reamed out with a drill bit. originally I held the tolerances too tight and the mag capture, bolt capture, and many others had been sticking in area. once I used bigger drill bits to open things up a little extra, every little thing started working smoothly.

anyways, 3d printing is fun, weapons are enjoyable, and considering I doubt I’ll have any 32 ACP ammo anytime soon, I believe i’ll pull this apart and write about the guts of the Scorpion in one other submit.