Canada  Colt C20 Sniper Rifle

Canada Colt C20 Sniper Rifle

i know you will definitely get mad at me for teasing this and then no longer supplying you with the entire story. i know a whole lot about this sniper rifle as a result of ultimate yr I spent an hour talking to the Colt engineer who developed the prototypes for it.. lamentably i can’t tell you tons about that. I do promise to follow up on that and notice if i will get permission to share one of the vital details on that. Don’t get your hopes up too plenty though. You never comprehend although. i will say with finality that we received’t be getting one or even a edition of it here. unhappy Panda.

Manufactured through Colt Canada, the brand new C20 weapon is the Intermediate Sniper Weapon for CAF sniper groups.

It features Colt Canada’s Modular Railed Rifle (MRR-L) built-in higher Receiver.

The C20 completed an average of .66 MOA over 144 5 circular agencies, accumulated right through patience trying out. All groups had been shot first circular cold with suppressor, using 175gr Federal Gold Medal suit ammunition.

remaining deliveries are anticipated in early 2021.