allow us to design and print a gun accessory

allow us to design and print a gun accessory

I’m bound you all are sick of the 3D printing posts, however too bad, there are going to be just a few greater.

The different day I be aware that some years returned there become a dialogue on a gun discussion board about a pair distinctive bolt locks for the 10/22 which might make the gun a bolt action for use with a silencer. at the time, there were two designs that sat in between the receiver and the bolt address preventing the gun from biking.

Remembering this, i thought one could be easy enough to make.

First, seize the inexpensive crappy calipers and measure the dimension of the ejection port.

I’ve not ever been satisfied with this Starrett caliper, but it surely is an awful lot decent adequate for this case. we will see that a 0.75×0.four inch rectangle would fit in that area.

We hop in the CAD program of our alternative, type in those dimensions, and extrude it right into a block.

Then lets provide it a deal with. we are able to draw a circle and extrude it out. perhaps around the corners.

Hmm, that might work, however how is going to dwell in vicinity? What about a magnet? I’m bound we all have some laying around. I grabbed a little magnet and measured it.

We could put a reduce within the bolt lock for a magnet, and that might grasp it to the bolt.

able to go. This could work.

neatly, we are able to do even stronger. We gotta deploy and remove this thing between ever shot. Why not move the handle closer to bolt handle on the 10/22? possibly even make it slanted so we could just pinch the deal with on the bolt cease and the 10/22 bolt address to rack the gun. I’ll just draw some strains, extrude. Then attitude and size will be select using the extraordinarily scientific manner referred to as “wild ass guess”. and then we are all ready to print.

We export our new design with the tapered handle as an STL file. Load this STL file into our 3d printer slicer of alternative,, set the settings as we want them, and have it generate G code for our printer. in this case, I set to 100% infil, and gave it a brim simply to make sure it wouldn’t come loose when printing. The brim turned into likely fully unnecessary, however made me feel enhanced to have it.

Estimated 31 minute print time. Print one off, glue a magnet in, after which test it.

Yeah, I most actually didn’t put it on the gun earlier than the glue dried. Yeah, that didn’t turn up. Un huh, no means glue acquired far and wide my 10/22 bolt.

matches nicely.

The design works as meant. Pinching the handle of the bolt cease and the gun’s bolt deal with means that you can rack the motion, and then as you release your pinched fingers, the magnet pulls the stop back into vicinity.

Perfection. conclusion of story. . .

smartly, I think we may still truly use it.

well rattling.

This cease is has very little cloth around the magnet, and snapped there.

So what’s subsequent.

I could hand over. Or we may toughen the stop, add greater material. I could smash the magnet in half and use a smaller magnet piece making it a smaller gap. I’d should be careful to make certain I become with a proper magnet afterwards, wouldn’t are looking to ruin at the line between poles and come to be with a monopole magnet. perhaps put two smaller magnet pieces in the design in distinct spots.

doubtless some mixture of the above. there is all the time room for development. I don’t are expecting it would be a good deal tweaking to get it working as supposed, so I’ll conclusion this text right here.