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Work has been conserving me busy, and that i had been remiss in my posts.

So right here is a short story for you.

In Quantico, armpit of the marine corps, there is a range known as range-15. each and every 12 months there’s a huge dog & pony demonstrate achieved by means of so show off to the chums and families of congressional aids, so that they are going to tell the congressional aids to tell the congressional critters now not to cut the corps budget.

On this latitude there are premade strengthened combating positions. think about a correct firing gap, with timber planks alongside the aspects so it doesn’t collapse each and every time it rains.

I may go into a lot of details, but that simplest distracts from the leading story right here.

We were working towards for this massive at last adventure. AAVs would power around the crowd and dump marines, helicopters would fly over and marines would quick rope out, we’d all delivery firing downrange. Missiles and rockets could be fired, an air asset would fly over and fireplace some ordinance as smartly. a big reveal of a mock fight.

i was in the AAVs. I made bound i used to be the primary one out. i might ride the rear hatch as it opened, hop out and run into that nearest combating position so I might start firing on the cyclic expense.

So, of path, we apply this something like a hundred times to be sure we will control getting out of a vehicle and hopping in some holes.

it’s doubtless good we did, as a result of I realized a painful lesson in these dry runs.

See, I had a M16A2 carrier rifle. This rifle has a hard and fast entrance and rear sight that protrude 2ish inches above the barrel.

We do a run, I hop out of the AAV and hop in a combating gap. The entrance sight base on my rifle catches the lip of the combating gap retaining my rifle from entering the firing position. As i’m falling into this fighting gap, the rifle now is static, braced against the floor.

Hmm, probably a diagram would aid clarify.

My rifle and i have been getting into the fighting position (hole within the floor). The rifle hit the edge of the combating place, and stays in vicinity. My body, head covered, proceed their flow into the fighting place. Now imagine what would happen if the figure above moved straight down, while the rifle would dwell in location.

Yeah, I buttstroked the shit out of my head.

That hurt. a bit dazed, I didn’t hesitate to get into firing position and proceed as if we have been reside firing.

I make a decision i’d be certain that i might always clear the entrance sight base within the opening of the combating position as I hopped in.

Yeah. smartly the elevate deal with sticks out also. We try this subsequent dry working towards run and that i hop during this fighting position making bound that the entrance sight base clears the fringe of the hole.

but the elevate tackle didn’t clear the reinforced fringe of the combating position. As i used to be retaining the pistol grip, the rifle tilted pushing the handguards correct between my legs, unbelievable me appropriate within the groin as I fell into this fighting position.

Yeah, i used to be no longer so brief to improve from that one.

You truly have to be cautious with gadget in case you are trying to movement fast in tight spaces. I’ve considered a number of times where someone would get their equipment/rifle caught on the hell hole in a CH46.

fortunately the other 98 or so dry practice runs, and our live demonstration went pleasant.

I produce other experiences from this adventure I’ll share, however here is it for this one.