We’re live, sorta

very well, someday almost immediately after this put up goes reside i am going to push the check site to reside. I simply downloaded our 37.1GB site backup.

It isn’t entire, however it is first rate sufficient in the meanwhile.

Please put up any comments, tips, or hate as a reply to this post, so it may also be immediately not noted.

aspect be aware, 5.56 Timeline is getting its own subdomain. take a look at 556timeline.looserounds.com

Couple of adlescent notes:
On the new web site, our SQL database is under half the dimension of our ancient website. whatever thing was causing excessive bloat. I don’t know what, but our backend is leaner now.
We switched to the Newspaper theme. It isn’t reasonably install the manner we need, but it surely is close. what’s best is that it has constructed into it a number of of the facets we were using plugins for. optimistically no longer having to use these plugins will enhance efficiency and reduce server CPU usage.

but who knows? It is not like i do know what i am doing.

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