Colt 6921 higher

remaining month, there was a sale on Colt 6921 uppers. due to the fact that I completely don’tr need any further AR uppers, I bought one anyhow.

The Colt 6921 higher is a 14.5 inch executive profile M4 upper. Your lavatory ordinary M4 upper. no longer to be incorrect for the 6921HB or SOCOM mannequin, which has a heavier profile barrel (.75 inch with M203 cuts).

It comes in a nice box, and it includes a Colt AR15 guide.

The decal on the aspect suggests that this is half number SP401165.

The higher is available in a bag that’s designed to avoid rust. It additionally comes with a wick in the barrel.

This specific upper does not include a charging address or bolt provider group. also there is no side sling swivel included.

it’s called “govt Profile” as the executive may be the simplest ones that would make a barrel profile heavier nearer to the muzzle.

I wasn’t going to publish about this plane jane upper, but then I be aware there are these weirdos out there who care about stamps, marks, and so forth. I figured I should still publish it up for reference. I acquired this higher from Brownells in Dec 2020.

M4 (fat) double heat guard hand guards

<B>1 front Sight Base forge marking

No F mark.

R stamped barrel. No white paint dot.

13629 Cage Code marked barrel.

skinny even coat of dry movie lube.

now and again I read about someone getting a new upper and complaining that the finish is defective and gray on the interior. No, it really is dry film lube.

White T marks

The front of the upper receiver is M4 marked, however i was unable to get a transparent photo of it.