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i will be able to’t consider I ought to do that… but I do understand that some of you boomers and geriatrics are as retarded as me and also you’re having a hard time getting used to the new website. i know, new things are scary and make you fell unwell comfy. I’m guilty of this myself. I don’t like trade both however, it truly is the character of the universe. So let’s see if i can aid.

Vic passive aggressively griped within the comments about having to scroll all of the way down to see the most up-to-date articles. I anticipate he intended on a phone. No, you don’t need to do this.

if you pull up the website on the telephone, the most recent post could be the proper one. which you could see as of presently before I post this live, Howard has a new surfing for dolphins up.

After that can be an extra article. Now, take your little thumby , One each, left or appropriate, and swipe it to the left. this will mean you can scroll via all of the most up-to-date articles in order, which are up. Then that you would be able to scroll on right down to see an entire record of whats new.

On a desk exact the web site will appear to be this. The most recent stuff could be in that 7ish thumbnails. sure the archive button could be coming again as quickly as Howard/Maya get it labored out.

in case you need to see if there are comments whereas in your cell, scroll all of the way down and you will see a list of the articles with the variety of feedback. See below.

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